A photo story | Christmas in Kihumbuini

Happy holidays, everyone!

How did you all spend the season? I got caught up in a flurry of visiting family and friends around Nairobi and upcountry and what an awesome time it was. There’s something wonderful about being in the company of family. The thought that we share the same heritage, that the same blood runs through our veins is pretty far out. I come from a massive family, we are so many, we have to meet once every year so we don’t forget each other. Especially with the little ones growing up so quick!

I try to leave my camera behind when I visit family, but each time I do, I regret it. So, this year I decided to embrace my obsession and photograph my family and impressions from upcountry.

There’s a quality to visiting places that I’ve been to as a child that makes me feel like I’m looking at old photographs. The colours, the quality of light..it’s magic. Watching everyone connect around good food and conversation was beautiful. For me, it reinforced why I do this. To document how live, how we love, to marvel over how quick the children grow, to make sure we never forget those long warm days spent laughing with family- that is why.

To my long-suffering family and friemds, thank you so very much for allowing me to follow you around and being such good sports about it.


the-road-to-thika-with-sign-gathoni-kinyanjui-kenya-photographerkenyan-grafittied--bus-gathoni-kinyanjui-photographybicycle-parked-next-to-thika-river-gathoni-kinyanjui-kenya-travel-photographyold-mazda-pick-up-under-shade-gathoni-kinyanjui-kenya-travel-photographychapatis-being-cut-into-quarters-gathoni-kinyanjui-kenya-travel-photographyonions-on-grill-gathoni-kinyanjui-kenya-travel-photographygathoni-kinyanjui-kenya-portrait-photographermelons-on-table-gathoni-kinyanjui-travel-photographerchild-eating-melon-woman-at-open-door-flooded-with-light-gathoni-kinyanjui-travel- photographyman-in-front-of-blue-door-gathoni-kinyanjui-travel-photographygathoni kinyanjui kenya travel photographykenya travel photography gathoni kinyanjuigathoni kinyanjui kenya portrait photographerrose gathoni kinyanjui kenya travel photographygathoni kinyanjui nairobi portrait photographersmiling girl gathoni kinyanjui kenya travel photographernyama choma barbecue gathoni kinyanjui kenya travel photographerbarbecue nyama choma gathoni kinyanjui nairobi family photographerhouse in kihumbuini village gathoni kinyanjui kenya travel photographerhouse interior gathoni kinyanjui kenya travel photographerold photograph gathoni kinyanjui family documentary photographymacadamia nuts on tree gathoni kinyanjui kenya travel photographyold fanta bottle gathoni kinyanjui kenya travel photographerlantern travel photography gathoni kinyanjuinairobi city lights through windscreen travel photography gathoni kinyanjui

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13 responses to “A photo story | Christmas in Kihumbuini”

  1. Elsie Gach says:

    Ouuuh wooow!! Love every photo to bits! The pink flower! The mathree, the kids, the lamp pic is so artistic awsome pics and story Gathoni 🙂

  2. Bulut says:

    Beautiful pictures Gathoni. Seems like you have an amazing family. Hope to visit one day. XOXO

  3. jacki says:

    thanks for capturing “home” so beautifully. makes me remember all those holidays waiting for the mutura, waiting for the chapos, singing old kikuyu hymns in the light of the pressure lamp. Nostalgia. keep this up. will be showing thekids and the dad how we spent christmans. good work, isi keep it up

  4. amungathegreat says:


  5. jacki says:

    I love the bicycle photo the most for some reason. Good job!

  6. flo says:

    I love each and every photo! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!

    • gathoni says:

      Flo, you are the bomb for commenting on every post. Thank you for checking out the site! i’m so glad you love the photos.

  7. Hannah Komu says:

    The memories of this christmas will forever be engraved in my heart…the captured moments… Thanks Gathoni, forever grateful..hugs & kisses!!

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