Kenya family photographer | 3 kids, a bike and a meadow

What do you get when you have a sunny day, kids hopped up on sugar, an open field and a bike? An impromptu photo shoot, that’s what.

Here are some images from a sunny Sunday afternoon spent chasing 3 really cool kids with my camera. I present to you Shiro, Gachacha and Crystal.

Nairobi family photographer Gathoni Kinyanjui photography

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6 responses to “Kenya family photographer | 3 kids, a bike and a meadow”

  1. c-llah says:

    cute kids…u must have had much fun……

  2. Mary kiema says:

    Lovely kids. The background blends so well with the kid. They looklike professional models( especially Crystal) captured by a professonal photographer. Nice!!!

  3. Oh the joy in these images! So sweet! You truly captured their beautiful personalities.

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