Sharon and Amunga are engaged

I am so so excited to be sharing this engagement session with you. Amunga and Sharon are my friends. Amush put me on notice ages ago and I was both honoured and terrified to be chosen as their photographer. They are both photographers, so I am plenty nervous to be shooting their wedding in Mombasa later in the year. If I can’t get out of my head when someone is making a picture of me ( is this light right? ahh! Gummy smile! does this lens make my butt look big?), it’s a safe bet it’s the same with Sharon and Amunga. There are three people behind the lens!

They met at a job. Amush was being Mr. Cool-the-camera-is-an-extension-of-my-eye, Sharon was just starting out in her photographic journey. These two, well, they are fireworks together. I am in awe of how they look at each other, like they can’t breathe or something. Being around them is to be in the presence of a beautiful, no holds barred kind of love. You can tell that they see in each other their best friend.


‘I’ve never been this confident, fearless and totally in love with someone as much as I am with A’. On the other hand, one of Amunga’s favorite things about Sharon is how she sleeps. ‘She sleeps so FWAH! She drools!!’

She has an awesome laugh. She’s one of those people who can throw their heads back while laughing and still look like a super model. Sharon, you are gorgeous. Amunga, I’m used to seeing you in jeans and t-shirt, I didn’t know you had this GQ-model in you. (I’m joking, i promise)

He proposed at sunrise, this is their engagement shoot at sunset.

Kenya-wedding-photographer-gathoni-kinyanjui-1Kenya-wedding-photographer-gathoni-kinyanjui-sharon-and-amunga engagementSharon and Amunga are engaged gathoni kinyanjui kenyan wedding photographerSharon and Amunga are engaged gathoni kinyanjui kenyan wedding photographer

Sharon, Amunga-I am so humbled to be the person to tell the story of your love. You are simply beautiful to watch. It may not be protocol for the photog to be crying at the wedding, but I’m afraid I may not be able to help it. I am happy for you and wish you more happiness, more laughter, more silliness and learning in your journey. Much, much love to you both.

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20 responses to “Sharon and Amunga are engaged”

  1. Bulut says:

    I looove the pics, beautiful couple, beautiful pics from an awesome photographer. Well I also love how you say “making a picture of me.” Germany will never stop haunting you ahahha. Much love xoxo

    • gathoni says:

      Bulut, ich werde immer noch ein bisschen Deutsch sein. 🙂 Thank you for visiting the page. You and Micha should make a detour to Nairobi and let me photograph you. xoxo

  2. amungathegreat says:

    I am not Mr Cool-the-camera-is-…. Bleurgh!!

  3. Maureen says:

    Seeing the pictures and the visible love between these two made me just want to fall in love. I love sunsets as well. Very cool! I wish them all the best.

  4. Lovely pics, lovely people, lovely photographer 🙂

  5. Ivy says:

    Aiiiii eh…that girl looks nothing like my used-to-be-13-yr-old sis! Oh that’s right, she isn’t 13 anymore! Love love love the pics! Gathoni, you did a fab job making them look good!!

  6. Cyndy says:

    Hot pictures…now, get a room:) Great work Gathoni–I hope those two didn’t give you a hard time. Sharon can be a diva…:) Wink..

  7. Auuuuuwiiiiiiiiiiiiiii….kwishhhhhh
    Love them kabisa. Congrats to Amush n Sharoro.

  8. kevin ouma says:

    lovely work my good lady,amazing usage of natural light.thumbs up

  9. Audz says:

    Love!Love!Love! A picture(s) is worth a thousand words!

    I’m in love with your pictures lol

    I can’t wait to celebrate your big day–I’ve been dancing with joy since you’re engagement hahahahaha…

    Ya’ll are making me want to redo my vows :))))

    Do everything in LOVE….1 Corinthians 16:14

    Love you both–Amunga aka “Sushi” Welcome to our family 🙂

  10. Auntie Abuna says:

    Beautiful pics, can’t believe how quickly Amush grew! Welcome to the family Sharon. Looking forward to meeting you.

    Amunga’s Auntie

  11. Aunty Ciku says:

    These photographs show how beautiful love is. They make me want to fall in love! Nice Work Isabelle!! I have recommended you to a close friend getting married soon!

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