Mombasa artist portrait | Tattoos by Newton

I’ve always wanted a tattoo but never got the courage to get one. Thank goodness I didn’t because some of my ideas were pretty wild such as tattooing my back right up to the nape of my neck in a leopard rosette. (What was I thinking?!) Most of my friends are inked and my favorite ones have always been by Newton. I had the pleasure and honour to meet Newton Omondi, one of the best tattoo artists in Africa. A former banker, he quit his 8-year career in order to pursue his passion for tattooing. I was fortunate to photograph him at his studio in Nairobi. He is based in Diani, Mombasa, although he travels frequently in East Africa as well as abroad in order to meet the needs of his clientele. Terry, the lady getting inked, was awesome. She let me hang around, photograph the process and ask all kinds of questions. (Does it hurt a lot?) Thank you, Terry! This was the first in hopefully more collaborative encounters. You can have a look at more of Newton’s art by checking out his FB page here. He has regular sessions in Nairobi, so if you’d like to setup an appointment, look out for his schedule.


Newton_tattoo_artist_at_work_in_Nairobi Newton_tattoo_artist_at_work_in_Nairobi Newton_tattoo_artist_at_work_in_NairobiNewton_tattoo_artist_at_work_in_NairobiNewton_tattoo_artist_at_work_in_NairobiNewton_tattoo_artist_at_work_in_Nairobi

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5 responses to “Mombasa artist portrait | Tattoos by Newton”

  1. Irene says:

    Ouuch!! that must have hurt!!

  2. Antony says:

    Love this piece.

    I wonder why tattoo artists don’t have websites. Im sure they can get good traffic. I think Kenyans are gaining interest in Tatts. In a few years, it may become a full industry.

  3. Roxy Kenia says:

    What is your price range? I am looking to get a simple thigh sleeve in Diani

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